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This week I had the pleasure of meeting Henry Pham. Like myself, he is also a second year at CSULB and involved in Greek life. He is an engineering major hoping to graduate by next year, which is pretty impressive. Henry and I discussed the importance of art in today’s world. We were both able to agree that art is all around us. Art can take any shape or form. Whether it be a desk, a chair, or a phone, someone had to come up with a design for it. We are surrounded by art, but take it for granted often. I really enjoyed talking to Henry and can’t wait to get to know more of my classmates! Stay tuned…


Life of the Party

I was the life of the party…until I fell to my death. This project was definitely morbid, and I had a hard time creating it. However, the idea for this piece came about when I was in a jacuzzi with a couple of my friends. I imagined being at a party having too much to drink. I got to close to the edge of the pool and slipped, hitting my head on the table. Overall, it was an interesting project that I probably won’t ever do again but we’ll see! Stay tuned…

Hand Casting

Tonight I ventured to Newport Beach to create my hand cast. Initially I thought it was going to be challenging but overall it was a unique and fun experience! I picked a couple spots at first that were way to damp but finally I found the perfect spot. I proceeded to dig a hole, and once it was the perfect size I stuck my hand in. My friend helped put the moist sand in and I pulled my hand out. We made the casting mixture and poured it in. In the downtime we were able to grab a nice warm ham and cheese croissant and walk on the pier. We went back in 30 minutes and took out the casting. It was a lot easier than I expected and I can’t wait for the adventure the next art project holds. Stay tuned…

New Friends

These are some friends I made in my first face to face meeting or Art. Their names are Daniel, Justin, Glenn, Lola, and Jamie (from left to right), then there’s me on the bottom,  Alyssa!  We discussed some of our favorite artists which ranged from painters, musicians, etc.  Justin liked Vincent Van Goh’s Starry Night piece and attempted to replicate  it when he was younger in elementary school.  Jamie enjoys listening to Drake for all the meaning and emotion he puts into his songs.  I can’t wait to get to know more about them this semester and what drives them each individually as an artist! Stay tuned…Processed with VSCO with f2 preset